Ways to relax the mind and refresh the soul

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Saturday I made a thirty mile trip to get a part for my truck. Now, I know that seems like a long way but it is just another perk for living in rural Iowa and actually can be a great way to relax the mind and explore
thoughts. The closest auto parts stores are both closed on Saturday and Sunday. In Alabama, the parts stores are open till late on Saturdays and Sundays. Such is life.

As I was driving along, I suddenly thought about doing a little bit of background for this article. I had a bit of an idea about what I wanted to write, just wanted really to get in the mind set and allow some
thoughts to magically appear. And when better than a twenty or so minute drive to listen to some nice flute music and get the mind relaxed and working?

Desperation sets in

So, I looked in the center console, no cd’s. Between the seats…no cd’s. Ok, glove box… still no luck. I pulled over to the side of the road and began searching. Under the seats, behind the seats, under the floor mats..well, you already know, no cd’s. Back to driving, now just a little ticked off and I had lost my little momentum. I no longer felt I could even make a start on my process, as haphazard as it seems sometimes.

Options available for me. Ok, I’ll just stream some music on my smart phone. After all. It knows what I like. Low battery and no car charger. Ok, option two, stop at a store and buy another cd…oh yeah, no stores for about another fifteen miles. Option three, drive with just my thoughts. But
they are bad thoughts and I would rather not. Finally, the Radio! Yeah. Now I can listen to commercials, promotions and maybe a few minutes of music.

I don’t feel like country music and so I start to scan and I find commercial after commercial. Suddenly I hear the word “long set” and a classic rock song comes on. Now, I don’t agree that “Summer of 69” is a classic but by now I’ll take anything. The next song was “Riders on the Storm” by the
Doors and I will listen to them any day. Or any night. Especially during a storm.

Now we’re cruising.

The rest of that set were all good old-fashioned rock and roll and I was having a great time, singing along, playing a little air guitar and reliving my younger days. It felt good to hear the old stuff again. Music that had once filled my days and nights and the memories rolled along with the music. As James Brown said “I feel good!”

As I drove the last two miles thru a little town, I remembered not to sing because I didn’t want to get aGuitar, Ways to relax the mind   ticket for creating a public disturbance. Maybe when I was younger, but not today, and for sure not in Iowa. I pulled into the Auto Parts store parking and sat there until the DJ (are they still called that?) came back and started talking. And then I heard “Next long set coming right up” and I was out the door and into the store, like Jumping Jack Flash!

Usually at a auto parts store, I will check out the tools,price check for upcoming truck projects and check out all the cool gadgets and toys. Not today. Got to get the part and get back to the next long set. In and out!

Just in time to hear the first bit of “I’m your Captain” by Grand Funk Railroad.

More Old Gold

The drive home was way too short. I was listening to get old music, some that I had not heard in years. I felt young and invincible and had to use cruise control to drive the speed limit. Memories of the songs, when and where I first heard them, and the people I used to hang with, all came rushing back and filled my head and heart.

All too soon I was turning into my driveway and again I sat to listen to the end of David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity” or as I always think of it, “Major Tom”.  My wife and kids were staring at me thru the windows as I walked up to the door and for the rest of the afternoon I had to hide in my workshop to escape the teasing about how would have been a Rock Star, if only I could sing.

Truck repair…Not so good

At least, in the workshop no one would make fun of me as I continued my escape to the past while replacing a bad part on the truck. I tuned my shop radio to the station I had been listening to and kept on rocking. Things were going great, I was singing, work was moving smoothly and the dogs were
having a great time running around and singing along with me.

And then I found the Bolts. You know, the ones that are not going to loosen, no matter what you do. Its bad enough when they are in a hard to reach place, with no way to get the leverage you need and no choice but to keep at it. Lucky me, now the station was playing old Van Halen, Steppenwolf,
Black Sabbath.

Ok, that’s it. Busted my knuckles for the last time and I think the dogs have had enough of my singing. Copper is just standing and glaring at me and Rosie is growling. Time to call it a day and live to repair another day.


When I got back to the house, my Fan Club was waiting. My kids had ben going back and forth telling Mom that the Band was getting warmed
up but they felt the backup singers had a better shot at stardom than Dad. Kids…what do they know?

I started my day with an idea and circumstances caused me to make adjustments. As a result, I once again was reminded that there are many
ways to relax your mind, some traditional and some not. We all sometimes need a break for our normal. We all need to find our on path to being ourselves and enjoying the moments we consider our own. And if we unknowingly share with others the joy of music, of being us, so much the better.

Walking the Path of



Ways to relax the mind

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  1. You are right about music being a good way to relax, certain tunes and melodies have a great calming effect. Some music that i hear from the past will sometimes stop me what i am doing and just absorb it there and then. Every thing else doesn’t matter.


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