How do you keep your mind sharp? Mindfulness, of course!

mechanical brain man adjusting to keeping brain sharp

Mindfulness as a tool to keep your mind sharp. Do you keep your mind sharp? Aware? Are you able to maintain focus and to keep concentration levels high? There are a lot of times that I seem unable to keep the focus on what I am trying to achieve. I’ll get distracted by some shiny … Read more

Home Decor ideas for National Relaxation Day

woman art gallery, art, home decor for relaxing

Relaxation Day Home Decor to de-stress and enjoy year around Recently I was inspired to write about relaxing indoors and what an indoor relaxation area would look like i my home. Actually, my thoughts were about having a room with relaxation as the objective. What would be in it, things like that. First I had … Read more

August 15 National Relaxation Day and Ideas for You!

Aug 15 Calendar National Relaxation Day

August 15 National Relaxation Day Are you prepared to relax? Is your calendar marked? Do you have your plans made and your preparations complete? Surely you are ready for the big day or has the lack of attention by the “major media” types allowed a possible disconnect from reality to set in? No worries, there … Read more