Native American Flute Musician Kevin Locke

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The Native American flute musician Kevin Locke has had a long and successful career. Since 1978, he has performed worldwide, giving a diverse audience a glimpse into Native American legends, storytelling and music. His great-great-grandfather was the famous Dakota patriot, Little Crow. His great-grandmother, Mniyáta Ožáŋžaŋ Wiŋ, was a renowned medicine woman. His mother, Patricia … Read more

Relaxing Music On YouTube Native American Flute Music

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Relaxing Music On YouTube Native American Flute Music YouTube is becoming a leading source for information and music in the world. Begin typing in relaxing music and suggestions appear and from there you can be days, weeks exploring. On YouTube, Native American flute music is becoming increasingly popular and visible. Selections range from early recordings … Read more

Free Native American music or make your own

Free Native American music

  Today I have been kicking around different ideas and thought are always passing thru, sometimes so rapidly that I begin to wonder “Will I get this mess in my mind sorted out?” So, I decided to take a bit of time off, my me time and just let it flow. One of my favorite … Read more