Binaural Beats Music for Sleep and so much more

A very interesting type of music is the Binaural Beats. Scientifically based and in principal a sound theory. But for every pro discussion, I found a con discussion. Some insist it works, others call it a bunch of malarkey. I found Binaural Beats for sleep to be a mixture of both. So, I say, give … Read more

Relaxing Ambient Music Background (so to speak)

Eric Satie

    “And the winner of the coveted My Playlist of Relaxing Ambient Music Award is….You!” Everywhere we go, ambient music seems to surround us and often we never realize it. That is how good this genre of music is. By design, ambient can either be in the forefront, background or completely ignored. A general, … Read more

Music for sleep and meditation- Using music to achieve Silence

silence Music for sleep and meditation

Music. To help us achieve Silence? Sound a little backward but from the time we are conceived until the end of this life, we are surrounded by music. The types and uses of music are too many to list and beyond one person’s ability to master all of them. Using music for sleep and meditation provides a framework to … Read more