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Our daily routines are filled with stressful activities from the moment we wake until we go to sleep. Some of us have a morning and evening routine that allows time to begin and end the day on positive notes, leaving the remainder of the day to the coping skills we have developed to handle those stressful moments that we all have during our day. Adding a background of relaxing instrumental music helps with setting the mood toward a peaceful day.electronic relaxing instrumental musicHarp relaxing instrumental music

Not everyone has a chance to take a few minutes and go for a walk, to sit quietly and clear the mind, to get a little separation. For a lot of us, options are limited and present a challenge in keeping stress and tension to a minimum. Working in an industrial area can be noisy, our job may involve movement between different areas and headphones/earbuds are usually not a good idea on a production floor. Add in having co-workers with their own habits and their own stress and anxieties…piano relaxing instrumental musicclassical relaxing instrumental music

I am one of the lucky ones. Most of my work time is by myself, even the full-time position I have is just me. I am able to choose the music I listen to, or to not have music playing at all. My work playlists are all of the relaxing instrumental music I enjoy, but you may have to reach a compromise with several coworkers on the music you listen to. When I was in that situation, I usually found that I did not like all the selections they made, just as I know that my choices were not their favorites either. Compromise. A key to keeping a healthy work Alternative relaxing instrumental musicenvironment.relaxing instrumental music

For the last week I have been on several sites just making a selection and doing the Play All option. I go about my task at hand and sometimes get brought back to the music. I may like or dislike a particular song. When I find myself actively listening, I try to make sure I save or like. For way too many, I can’t and lose (for a time) a really wonderful selection. I always somehow manage to come full circle and find the missing song, it just may take a little extra digging to find.

Relaxing instrumental music comes in all forms and genres. As I have mentioned, what works for me may not work for you. flute relaxing instrumental musicAnd sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone may be a bit stressful in itself. I’ve put together a small playlist sampler with the goal of introducing you to some different music. No doubt there will be some you enjoy and some you don’t. And maybe you will find something about a particular genre that helps you to relax, that causes you to search out more of the same.

Questions, comments and relaxing instrumental music suggestions are welcomed!

Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

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