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Welcome to Relaxation and Meditation Music. A place to discover music that help ease the day and smooth life’s bumps into a meaningful journey. Not only the tried and true but venturing into other types and genres that you may or may not associate with relaxation and meditation.

I have tried many (and sometimes I think all) relaxation meditation techniques. From the guided stress reducing day courses while in the Navy to guided self hypnosis to yoga and on and on. I did find some of the tips and breathing skills to be most useful but I always had the “voice” inside my head to deal with. It is very hard to accomplish but a clear mind is essential for deep relaxation.

One evening, I could not sleep. It had been a very stressful day, as only the US Navy can can have you doing a dozen things at exactly the same time. Of course, berthing was full of off-duty Sailors watching closed circuit TV and just being normal people. I needed sleep and with all the distractions, was unable to rest. I borrowed a tape from a friend without asking what type music, anything to drown out the noise and confusion. It turned out to be Native American flute music. I had the earplugs in and volume up enough to drown out the outside and I became interested in all the different notes, instruments, birds and the FLUTE! Never have heard anything like it before.

I stopped trying to relax and instead concentrated on listening to be music and somewhere far away I felt myself drifting and just being. I woke up ready to begin another day and with a clear mind. Amazing. During another hectic day, whenever I would begin to get stressed out, I would tell myself only a few more hours and I can get some time to listen to the tape again.

During that cruise, I began to collect  music that would have the same basic response in me. I found that Smooth Jazz would also enable me to relax, to clear my mind and let the day to day stress fade. Smooth Jazz was the perfect music for when a particularly stressful job needed doing, for rush hour traffic, even for background when a counseling  session was required.  My Native American Flute music became my evening routine and just listening to a few minutes can give my mind the signal to relax and rest.

I encourage you to try the different techniques and methods you can. All and any method you use to achieve a positive and relaxed state of mind are worth using. Like me, you may find bits and pieces here and there that will be useful and you incorporate into your routine. Sometimes we just need a great music to focus on so the mind  clears and thoughts vanish. Trust me, it is a long path. But a path toward helping you to relax deeply and feel refreshed is worth following.


Thank you for visiting and I welcome any and all comments.

I remain,


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2 thoughts on “relaxation meditation techniques”

  1. Great read and I thank you for this new perspective on things due to this article. I plan to exercise new techniques into my day to day life to become more calm in my walk with life. Thanks

    • Calab,
      Thank you. To be calm is also my goal and sometimes we have to look at the conventional and unconventional techniques. I wish you success in your Life journey and peace with joy.



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