relaxation and meditation for stress

Time for Me: Relaxation and Meditation for stress

Think of stress as a coping mechanism. It is the way we respond to danger or to what we perceive as danger. Our mind and body has a natural reaction, to fight or take flight; helping us to stay focused, alert, and providing adrenaline. Stress can provide that extra edge we need preparing for a job interview, a presentation, or studying for an exam. 

relaxation and meditation for stress

A certain amount of stress is a natural and even necessary part of life. But stress can also cause damage to your health, mood, productivity, relationships, and your quality of life. Protect yourself by learning the signs and symptoms of stress and actively take steps to reduce its harmful effects. Without, of course, stressing about stress.

If you feel you have too much stress and it is affecting how you approach each day, I encourage you to talk with a health professional. Relaxation and meditation for stress may be one of the recommendations they provide and it is one that I use to help keep an even keel thru the day.

The dangerous thing about stress is how easily it becomes a part of your life. You get used to it. It feels normal; as it’s affecting you and taking a heavy toll. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the common warning signs and symptoms of stress overload.

*Cognitive symptoms:

  • Memory problems 
  • Inability to concentrate 
  • Poor judgment Seeing only the negative 
  • Anxious or racing thoughts Constant worrying

*Emotional symptoms:

  • Depression or general unhappiness
  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Moodiness, irritability, or anger
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Other mental or emotional health problems relaxation and meditation for stress

*Physical symptoms:

  • Aches and pains
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Nausea, dizziness
    Chest pain, rapid heart rate
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Frequent colds or flu

*Behavioral symptoms:

  • Eating more or less
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Withdrawing from others
  • Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
  • Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax
  • Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing)

* Source: HelpGuide

Let’s take a look at some ways to incorporate some “Me Time” into your day, a chance to escape from stress with a little music and some relaxation and meditation techniques. 


For many, many years one of my favorite ways to relax has been to escape into music. Over the years, I began using more and more instrumental music, it seems to help me relax more without someone’s lyrics forming visuals for me. With YouTube, I usually just hit play, close my eyes and practice a little mindful breathing and just let the music be the thoughts; accecpt and dismiss the notes as they happen. 

Yuri Dunchenko “Yakuro – Pink… The Color Of Love”


Safe Place Visualization: FamilyGuiding1

This walks you through a guided imagery exercise in which you can use your  mind and senses to achieve a state of calm. Create a safe place, that is only known to you and  whenever you are feeling stressed or in need of some R&R you can travel to your place using the power of your imagination. 

Another way of looking at the Safe Place is to think of it as your “Happy Place”. Deep in your mind, make a place that only you have, a place to retreat to to regain balance and peace within yourself. 


“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all th happiness and growth occures while you are climbing it.” Andy Rooney

Relaxation and Meditation Music Quote Mountain


Mind and Body by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
For many of us, being in the present can be very challenging. We are either caught up in the past or future. In this short video, Mingyur Rinpoche teaches us the importance of being in the present moment, with the mind and body together. He also shares a story that reflects this from his own time in retreat. 

Mingyur Rinpoche was born in Nepal in 1975 and at 11 years old began studies at Sherab Ling Monastery in northern India. He has authored two best-selling books and oversees the Tergar Meditation Community, an international network of Buddhist meditation centers.


Relaxation and Meditation Music Mantra #4

I am excited to start the day.

My Thoughts 

Relaxation and meditation for stress can help with keeping our stress levels at a healthy level. Stress can be benefical and work with us to provide the extra push we all sometimes need to grow and suceed in life. 

Too much stress? Not so good. But there are ways to help de-stress and get  back to a more relaxed person. Basic tips include: Regular exercise, connecting with others, engaging your senses, eating healthy, and getting the proper amount of rest. These are perhaps lifestyle changes, habits to develop. 

Check out my quick stress relief article for some 5 minute relaxation techniques that can help you jump start a little “me time: and may even provide some quick stress relief. As with every thing, the more you practice the easier it becomes and the good habits begin to form. 

As always, question and comments are welcome. If you have any basic tips for relaxing from stress, I would love to hear about them!

Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

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4 thoughts on “relaxation and meditation for stress”

  1. Lots of people get stressed daily and we end up just sleeping for a few hours at night and expect to be better in the morning. Sorry, it just becomes a carry over the issue and its not good at a for our health. Meditate and relaxation, are very vital and the sooner we learn these things that matter to us the better. I am pleased to have come across this article. 

    • “Carry over issue”… so true. Reminds me of something I read a few days ago. We carry things with us, like in a backpack. Sometimes the backpack just needs to have some things taken out and left behind. Stress is one of those things that should be left as often as possible. 

      Glad you enjoyed the article, come back soon!

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

  2. It’s good to always give our body a good Chance to regain all the strength it has lost over time, this will help it become stronger and also more healthy and refreshed. Stress is a avery dangerous thing for the health, so relaxation and meditation are really important. This is a really nice and resourceful article to read.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article and found some good information. Stress is one of the silent killers, it just eats away at us until our natural healing systems are overloaded and cannot handle it. Chronic stress should be discussed with a health professional but there is a lot we can do on a daily basis to help keep our stress levels at a healthy level.

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders


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