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Peaceful Music Day

Great to see you! So glad you stopped by today. I’ve been meaning to call and say let’s have lunch but things have really picked up around here the last few weeks. Just the usual day to day things we sometimes get caught up in. The yard is finally beginning to look like a yard again. It’s been tough, the cool rainy Spring hasn’t given us a lot of chances to get out and do the cleanup we usually have done. But it is looking better.Cat and Chair A peaceful music day!

At least, I have managed to get a few projects completed and some new ones started. A friend is looking into an alternate crop for next year and at an additional side business for his farm. I’ve been doing some research for him online, hard to drag myself away from it sometimes!

I have not been giving much thought to relaxation and meditation lately, but music is something I have to have around. I took some of what I’ve been listening to and made up a short playlist for you here. Sample and enjoy.

Native American

Native American Flute Music (my collection)

“Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky, and water was a real and active principle. In the animal and bird world there existed a brotherly feeling that kept us safe among them… The animals had rights – the right of man’s protection, the right to live, the right to multiply, the right to freedom, and the right to man’s indebtedness. This concept of life and its relations filled us with the joy and mystery of living; it gave us reverence for all life; it made a place for all things in the scheme of existence with equal importance to all.” Chief Luther Standing Bear

Leo Rojas Der Einsame Hirte (Offizielles Video)

John Dumas The Last Of The Mohicans

R. Carlos Nakai Alpine Dawn


Instrumental Music (my collection)Guitar A peaceful music day

“that’s the thing about music – we hear a piece of music and feel something. We hear the exact same piece of music at a different time and although the music is unchanged, our response is always slightly different.” James Rhodes

Eugenio Cugnoli “Nightlife World”

Ji Pyeong Kwon “Sad Romance” (a.k.a. Sad Violin)

Kate Chruscicka “Requiem for a Dream”


Soft Jazz (my collection)

“We have such a great depth of human history in all of the arts, whether it’s opera or mathematics or painting or classical music or jazz. There’s so many things to study, new books to read, and certainly always ways to transform old ideas and to come up with new ones.” Patti Smith

Candy Dulfer & David A. Stewart Lily Was Here

Dave Brubeck Take Five

It has been good, kicking back and listening to some good music. I really needed this break. It feels good to just sit and enjoy some company. I still have some chores to get done so let me get at them.

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Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

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