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You will be glad that you did!

Of course if You are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate then you well know that this is most definitely where the Elite Affiliate Marketers Live.

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What makes WA the place where Elite Affiliate Marketers live?

  • Training in all areas of Website Building, SEO, Keywords, Affiliate Marketing and starting your Business of monetizing your online journey.
  • The most active, helpful and knowledgeable Community of Friends of any Affiliate Marketing Business site on the Planet.
  • Support that is second to none as well as available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • An Affiliate Program built into Wealthy Affiliate that is an amazing way to earn right away to cover the cost of becoming a Premium Member.
  • Value that far exceeds the $49 per month cost of membership or the $359 cost of paying for your membership yearly.
  • The ability to remain a Free Starter Member for as long as you want and/or need to (WA’s Free Starter Membership isn’t a trial) Not only can you remain a Free Starter Member, you can also earn 20% commissions when sharing WA.

Blog about what you love!

Have you ever thought about writing a blog with your own website? Now you can, you will be able to as a Free Starter Member receive 2 free websites that also includes free hosting. Your website can be about most any topic that you could think and or dream of and you’ll be able to monetize your website as well. Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful way to monetize your website and most every company, product and service that you can imagine has an Affiliate Program. Even if they don’t yet have an Affiliate Program, most websites that sell anything would love for you to inquire with them about the ability to earn a commission with them for promoting their products and/or services.

Earn an income from home while sharing what you love, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Many Friends here within the Wealthy Affiliate Community are earning an income online full time while sharing what they love. In 2017 alone, over 250,000 Friends joined Wealthy Affiliate raising the amount of members since 2005 when WA was launched to over 1,300,000 worldwide.

Yes, there have been over 1.3 Million Members to Wealthy Affiliate since the platform launched in 2005 and over 250,000 just last year.

Are all of those who join WA successful?

Of course not, even expecting a 100% success rate would be ridiculous.

The human factor always comes into play, life gets in the way, priorities change etc….

What percentage of people would you say are still actively achieving their new years resolution(s) now after just 3 months?

It’s no secret that we humans don’t always follow thru on what we start, many don’t even get started. Oddly enough, some who sign up here at Wealthy Affiliate don’t even set up their profile page by adding their picture and a bio. In order to truly become a member of the WA community and realize the value, you must set up your profile page right away.

It’s the start that stops most people, not just here at WA but in all walks of life. Signing up is the easy part, anyone can sign up, it takes an effort to show up. Showing up is absolutely the key, getting started is half of the battle.

That being said, don’t sign up to anything unless you’re going to show up, for yourself as well as for the Friend that shared this amazing opportunity with you!

Since you have read down this far, it is obvious to me that you will get started earning an income online and that you are ready to get started.

I have personally been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate since I was lucky enough to have it shared with me on a traffic exchange site. I will be always thankful for that day when my online presence was changed forever, I had already been earning since 2007 but when I joined WA in June 2015 my earnings multiplied.

Not only have I earned by sharing WA, I’ve also earned with many other affiliate programs and still do to this day. Most of what I have learned online, I have learned right here within this great community and I continue to learn something new every day.

Believe me when I say that since I have been able to earn online then so can you, I am nowhere near as qualified as you most likely are.

I am 52 years of age, a Veteran of the United States Army Infantry and also an ex Mover/Truck Driver who used to carry furniture all day then drive the 18 wheeler trucks across the Country to move the Family to their new Home.

I thank God every day for the invention of the internet that has allowed me to earn an income online 100% completely from home now that my body is beat up from my past professions.

Do you have the ability to learn?

Are you ready to not only sign up but show up?

Wonderful, Click on the RED “Sign Up Now” tab at the top or bottom of this post then create your WA profile while also completing steps 1 -4

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Thank you for your time, comments and questions as well!


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