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I’ll have some of my personal favorites and most of the music I talk about in my Blog. Please feel free to sample, to enjoy and to download (links provided).

R. Carlos Nakai

John Two-Hawks

Mary Youngblood

Joseph Fire Crow

Jose Cabezas

Wolfs Robe

Kel Mockingbird

David & Steve Gordon

Jonny Lipford

Doc Tate Nevaquaya

Tim Nevaquaya

Sonny Nevaquaya

Calvert Nevaquaya

Tȟokéya Inážiŋ​​ Kevin Locke

Alexandro Querevalú

John Dumas

Leo Rojas


More coming soon!

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4 thoughts on “Native American Flute Music”

  1. I am soooo frustrated!!! I have literally been trying for hours to purchase some Native American flute music(6 hour relaxing flute music) I have not been successful yet! I love this music!!!!! Can you help?????

    • Hi Dennis, Amazon has a good selection (12,216 results for Native American flute music), just use my Amazon link on the side bar or you can always use YouTube, search for Native American flute music. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!
      Walking the Path of Peace,


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