My suggestions for easy listening instrumental music

Easy listening instrumental music

online and waiting!

With so much easy listening instrumental music online, where do you start to find the BEST? Perhaps you remember music you heard in the past and are lucky enough to remember the title and the artist/band but sometimes just a fragment remains. Maybe friends have a suggestion or even better a collection for you to check out. Angael with guitar, ready to play instrumental music

Sometimes we get lucky and hear a song that we like in the most unlikely of places. When I was still in high school, I had a dentist appointment. In the waiting room I heard “Taxi” by Harry Chapin. I know, its not instrumental but a good listen and was one of the songs that began to break me out of the Southern Rock mode I was in. I have a copy, like to check it out? Here you go…

Or maybe you did a search for instrumental, then revised and revised because the results just were not what you were looking for. So you looked down a little further in the Search Results and decided to find a little… guidance. I will be glad to help you out but first a little advice.

  • You have to give the music a chance. Listen to it.
  • Be willing to invest a little time. Don’t stop and move on after 10 or 15 seconds because you will be missing so much.
  • Don’t give up on a type of music because you don’t like one song.
  • Look outside the normal perception of music. After all, Pink Floyd (psychedelic rock) has some great easy listening instrumentals.
  • Be prepared to become a fan.

The best easy listening instrumental music. Open for interpretation and difficult to prove. I have my favorites (really truly the BEST) but I’m not sure you want to sit for the next week or so listening to my favorites. You want quick and now. Best I can do is to offer a sampling and see where we go from there.


Saxaphone music instrumentPaul Winter is an American saxophonist, has recorded over 40 albums and won 7 Grammy Awards. He has used whales, wolves and seals to enhance his music. During the 1978 Common Ground tour, Paul invited John Harris to introduce his wolf on stage, including on September 8, 1978, at a benefit for the Audubon Society at Carnegie Hall.

Paul Winter “Wolf Eyes”


Ana Vidovic is a Croatian classical guitarist. She has released 6 CDs published by Croatia Records, BGS, and Naxos and guitar music instrumenthas released two DVDs published by Mel Bay publications. Currently living in the United States, where she also works as a private tutor. Ana Vidovic has won an impressive number of prizes and international competitions all over the world.

Ana Vidovic plays from the Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude in G Major


Violin music instrument




David Garrett is a record-breaking German pop and crossover violinist and recording artist. He has released 20 albums and began playing at age 4. David Garrett studied at the Lübeck Conservatoire in Lübeck, Germany, the Royal College of Music in London, and at the Juilliard School in New York.

David Garrett “Viva La Vida”


Nobuyuki Tsujii is a Japanese pianist and composer. He was born blind due to microphthalmia, but his exceptional musical piano music instrumenttalent has propelled him to become a world renowned artist. Tsujii performs extensively, with a large number of conductors and orchestras, and has received critical acclaim, especially for developing unique techniques for learning music and performing with an orchestra despite being unable to see.

Nobuyuki Tsujii “Elegy for the Victims of the Tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Japan” At least 16,000 people died in the March 2011 tsunami that hit Japan, his composition is a simple, heartfelt memorial to this great tragedy.

synthesizer music instrumentNew Age

Nicolai Heidlas is from Wetzlar, Germany; a self-taught musician, songwriter and music producer. He plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, accordion and keyboard. Nicolai Heidlas is a New Age artist and his music covers just about all ranges and styles.

Nicolai Heidlas“Two Souls”

Native American Flute

Joseph Fire Crow was a Cheyenne flutist. He released 6 albums from 1992 to 2017. His album Cheyenne Nation was Wood Flute music instrumentnominated for a Grammy in 2001. Fire Crow appeared many times as a guest musician on recordings by other musicians in the industry.

Joseph Fire Crow “Flight of Dreams”


Harp Harp music instrument


Viviane Nüscheler has been studying since 2016 at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste with Sarah O’Brien and completes a Bachelor of Arts in classics in the summer of 2019.

Viviane Nüscheler “Let Her Go” (by Passenger)

In Closing…

There you go. We can download these as MP3, load on your player and go with a random shuffle and you will be good to go. Or, pick and choose, maybe do several different types of playlists and whenever you get the chance you are set.

No secret here, I usually pick the Native American flute first but all of these instruments can stand alone. Sometimes I wonder, what we could get just by getting these folks in a studio together. A New Age producer/artist, a Cheyenne, German violinst and American Saxophonist! Any combination would result in some special music… Wait, maybe these artists havn’t gotten together but here is some music with all the instruments… Oh yeah, the time. It is getting late.

Before you go, did I catch your interest in any one artist or instrument? Maybe you know some music to share with me? Just let me know. Comment below and let me know what you think.

Walking the Path of Peace,






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8 thoughts on “My suggestions for easy listening instrumental music”

  1. Some wonderful relaxing songs on this list. I love Pink Floyd for days when I want to get wrapped up in a song and not think about the world outside. Looks like some of these could perform this same task while opening me up to new and different sounds. Thank you for these suggestions. I will try to work them in to my play list and see how it goes.

    • Hi MaryAnn, Pink Floyd can can take days and nights to an entirely different level. The fun of discovering new music is that now it belongs to you and will fit right in with your play list alongside of Pink Floyd.
      Walking the Path of Peace,

  2. Hi Sanders,

    I haven’t actually heard of any of these artists before so I’ll have to take a listen to their work. I not typically into instrumentals, but sometimes I get in the mood to listen to one. You have given a lot of different musicians here so thank you for the post. I’ll definitely check them out!

    • Hi Chas, Fantastic to be able to introduce you to some musicians! And I think you will really enjoy the violin. He puts a lot of emotion into playing and has a great stage presence! Enjoy!
      Walking the Path of Peace,

  3. Hi Sanders, great post! I like your introduction, it added value to the things we all go through…we hear a song only to forget about how it sounds as the years pass on, and even forget to remember the artist name. I can relate on that. It’s awesome how you listed different instruments and gave us in great detail what to expect from the composers and songs. I’m definitely going to give some of these a look. I’ve been listening to the piano lately with artist like Beethoven-moon light sonata being one of my favorites, so I’ll be looking at the Japanese pianist and composer for sure. Great job on the structuring of the article. Thank you.

    • Hi Michael, Thank for the kind words. Our memories can play strange tricks on us sometimes. I could not remember the song name Taxi, but I know most of the lyrics. The classics like Moon Light Sonata will live forever and I hope we have some of the modern musicians who will be remembered also. Enjoy the music and the videos!
      Walking the Path of Peace,

  4. Great line-up, Sanders. I love music and it was an ‘easy sell’ for me to check out all the music you suggested. You are right, you need to give music a chance to ‘get under your skin’. I find that I am a lover of a certain genre, of course, that only came form exposure. Now that I am more mature and realize the importance of being ’rounded’, I usually give all types of music a listening ear – who knows if I might find something new! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Michelle, With all the available music, why limit ourselves? I find something new almost daily and have found that I can pick and choose different types of music to match with what I am doing. But, there are times when going back to our roots and depending on the familiar is wonderful! Enjoy and relax!
      Walking the Path of Peace,


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