Mind relaxing music is all around us

Mind relaxing music


Take a search on Google. Thousands of recommendations and sites, not only to purchase but FREE music! Look at your own personal collection. Do you have just one type of music, or many? I have a huge assortment of music, a little of everything and anything. From classical to punk pock to classic rock to old time bluegrass to modern country. Blues, jazz, Christian and even some Ozzy. A lot of range, from mind relaxing music to let’s get the party started music. And still I want more.

Every day, I try to spend at least a few minutes in silence. And I discovered something crazy. There is no natural silence. Mother Earth never stops turning and there is always something to listen to. I live in rural Iowa, out in the middle of corn and soy bean fields. The closest neighbor is about a quarter of a mile away and next closest a half mile. Birds, wind, tree                                                                                                                   branches and all the other sounds of nature intrude on my moment of silence.

I lived for two years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At first the street noises drove me crazy and I thought, how can anyone live like
this? But people do, and I did.


   Music of the City

For many people, city sounds are natural sounds. They haveMind relaxing music been a part of those sounds for so long that sometimes the city fades into the background and does not register anymore. Its normal, what noise? Finding the silence in the city is a balancing act. First take the time and energy to listen, actively listen to the city. That means, put the smart phone away. Walk around the block or even further. Try to identify the different instruments you hear. The city bus, the train or subway. The guy yelling, just like yesterday and the day before. Kids playing,
pigeons cooing, cars, steps, the crazy homeless person muttering. The street
musicians and on and on. When I lived in Philly, the list seemed endless.

And now, the hard part. Actually hearing the Silence behind the music the city provides you. Its like sitting in that comfortable chair, headphones on, favorite music playing, and you can just escape for a period of time, determined by you and Life itself. Street “music” is the same. Perhaps you enjoy it, perhaps not, but it surrounds you each day and night. Accept it for what it is and be able to use it for a mind relaxing music.

A word of caution. Keep the Street-Smart portion of your mind active. Some of the instruments are dangerous and are a lot bigger than you are.


“Country” MusicMind relaxing music

Yes, I tried for a cheap pop. Country living and the music that surrounds you there is different. And just as city music becomes a background, country music often does the same. Only, the silence is what you have to listen to get to the Silence. So often, my wife has remarked on how quiet it is sitting on the front porch as twilight sets in. I, of course, agree and then I begin to hear the birds, the wind, trees, and all the sounds I have begun to accept as silence. I hear one of the dogs’ nails on the wood, a cat sharpening its nails on a wood fence post. Way off in the distance, a train passes. Maybe the insects beginning their nightly routine.
Depending on the country, the sounds of Mother Earth and all her children are different but all create a grand melody.

And once again, the hard part. Listening to the sound of Silence behind the country music. Take your time, enjoy and try to pick out the different instruments. Can you identify the bird behind the call? I can’t but I enjoy the bird’s song. The insects, yes even those. The wind music thru corn fields, the farmer trying to get in some last few minutes before evening really sets in. The wild animals scurrying about and the yipping dogs, looking for fun or a snack. Sometimes I get so enthralled with the music that I never reach Silence.


Urban or Small-Town Music

I sometimes think it has to be the best of both City and Country music. A blending together of two distinct sounds into a sound track totally different yet the same. Mother Earth’s music shines thru a little louder and City music is sometimes missing, sometimes taking the lead, and sometimes being the backup singers. So much depends on the time of day and season of the year.

My Mom lives in an urban setting, but don’t say that around her. She insists she lives in the country. Her days start off with the night music winding down and the traffic passing the house beginning. Then the Country Music starts up, with City backup until the Traffic takes over lead and slowly fades into its backup role again. The evenings return to country with the occasional City adding in as backup singers. Finally, country dominates as night settles. A bit of everything, for everyone.

Enjoyment of both music styles

With all the different music available on YouTube, it is a shame to allow an opportunity like this to pass you by. To get you on your way,
I’ve two selections for your pleasure.

Simply go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ16mn757MA for the “Country” Music selection.

And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNg3lsnkbsc for “Sounds of NYC”.

Sample either or both and remember to let me know what you think about the opposite music from your daily music.

Having grown up in the rural South, being in the US Navy, and living in several cities and small towns, I can say that returning to my
roots has been the best. Yes, there is a huge difference between the South and the Midwest, but country living is country living. But sometimes I do miss the city.

Where we lived in South Philly there was always a lot of street noise. When living in Uraga, Japan I was amazed at how quiet and seemingly peaceful it was. Alabama and Iowa have different sounds and each with a special music of its own Sometimes I close my eyes and let the memories and comparisons flow thru my mind.

I always return to the reality of my Now, always grateful for the memories and secure in the knowledge that somewhere Life goes on with
someone, Now.

Comments and questions are always welcome. Mind relaxing music

Walking the Path of Peace,






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