Meditation Knowledge Some things to consider

Meditation Knowledge Some things to consider

With a basic meditation tool box in place, the next tools you want to add depends on you. What are you looking for? Where do you want yourself to be? You could be looking for self-improvement, taking Mindfulness to the next levels, adding tools such as Mindfulness Eating or Listening. Perhaps you are looking for alternative ways to manage anger, relieve anxiety, or to increase confidence.

Knowledge is Power, Meditation Knowledge

Knowledge is Power. We all have heard this, we all have applied this in our lives. Only you can say what tools you wish, want, or need to add to your basic tool box. As you add tools, you may find that other practices are a better fit for you. That is ok and to be expected. Breathing, ConcentrationAwareness of the Body ,
Releasing Tension, and  Walking(exercise) are basic to all methods. Let’s add our first power tool to the box, Meditation Knowledge.

Why Starting a Meditation Habit Now Could Be a Game Changer Later in Life

Ashley Macey · May 17, 2018

Meditation is a great way to heighten your attention span today and potentially even later in life. According to a new study published in Springer’s Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, doing regular and intensive meditation sessions over the course of a lifetime could help you remain attentive and focused well into old age.

While lead author Anthony Zanesco cautions that more research is needed before meditation should be advocated as a surefire method for countering the effects of aging on the brain, meditation practice may help improve our mind later in life.

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Newfound neurological mechanism explains how breathing can sharpen your focus

Rich Haridy  May 14th, 2018

Researchers at Trinity College Dublin have uncovered aReminding, Meditation Knowledge neurophysiological link between respiration and cognition, offering a fascinating anatomical explanation behind the long-held connection between ancient breathing-based meditation practices and cognitive benefits.

It is possible that by focusing on and regulating your breathing you can optimize your attention level and likewise, by focusing on your attention level, your breathing becomes more synchronized.

The study points to further research that could result in non-pharmacological treatments for different patients with attentional compromised conditions. This may include children with ADHD or elderly populations suffering from dementia.

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Meditation helps to give you better insights

Pooja Brahme

How does one combat stress? Start with giving rest to your eyes. Our eyes are visual organs that never rest. After every working hour, simply close your eyes, relax and
take a few deep breaths. When we are focused on tasks, our voluntary breathing is shallow and taking a few deep breaths does wonders to let loads of oxygen reach your entire body and provide new vitality.

Meditation is a great way to relax. When we say meditation, most people have no idea what it really means. Meditation simply means reflecting on yourself. It involves
calming your mind and being aware of your thought process.When you are meditating, all you have to do is sit quietly. Watch your breath and train your brain from chattering away uselessly. Allow thoughts to just pass through without giving attention to them.

All you need to do is sit quiet wherever you are, take a few deep breaths and focus on calming yourself. It sounds easy, but isn’t, because as soon as you do this, your brain starts bombarding you with a thousand thoughts. This is exactly what is expected. intuitive or creative insights with meditation, so don’t stop your brain. Over a period of time, the chatter will stop and you will get valuable ideas that you have not thought of consciously!

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Struggle with mindfulness? This two-minute walking meditation is a game-changer

Tehrene Firman, May 16, 2018

man walking, Meditation KnowledgeSometimes it’s hard work to get in the calm mind-set that’s kind of crucial for a successful meditation. Try taking your mindfulness practice outdoors; there’s a new meditation option that wants you to walk off your pent-up tension and stress.

Super mindfulness app Headspace released an active mini meditation session on YouTube. The walking exercise is designed to help you feel more connected to and present in your environment—be that the city, the country, or somewhere else far, far away.

To try it, simply go outside and play the video through your headphones at a low enough volume that allows you to hear the meditation but still take in what’s happening around you.

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Annoyed at work? Try this one-minute fix


Meditation is really just sitting quietly. Meditation is putting your focus on something and gently being aware. Think of meditation as a cycle: You first focus on
something, like your breathing, and your mind drifts. You catch your mind drifting. Then, you gently release the thoughts in your mind and return to the original focus of your meditation.

When your boss is making you crazy…

If you’re losing your sense of calm at the office, there’s a quick fix. Look away from your computer and close your eyes for one minute. Focus on Mindful Breathing. Before you open your eyes, take one deep breath and exhale all the air in your lungs.

If you get an unpleasant email don’t spend 20 minutes stewing over it and craft a nasty response, only to delete it.  Meditating will allow you to respond in a more compassionate, more thoughtful way.

Meditators can learn to better deal with stress, be more self-aware, more positive and more patient. Physically, meditation can help ease anxiety, lower blood pressure, aid depression symptoms and improve sleep.

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In closing

Knowledge is power. When you begin to gain knowledge, you enable yourself to set realistic goals that you can reach. Leading to setting
additional goals and empowering yourself. The cycle can and will continue indefinitely. Here is a nice three minute meditation, self-guided.


A little different than most but worth taking the time to try. Use a technique called Mindful Listening, just concentrate on the music without judging or evaluating it.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the meditation. Did you relax or did it give energy?

If you have any questions or thoughts on meditation, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!


Walking the Path of Peace,


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8 thoughts on “Meditation Knowledge Some things to consider”

  1. What a great read. Meditation is so helpful in so many ways. I knew the benefits of meditation to help you relax but not about how it is now thought to help your brain health as you age, helping you remain focused and attentive.
    I love the tip to simply close your eyes after an hour of work to rest your eyes. Particularly nowadays we spend so much time staring at screens large and small.

    • Thank you Ann. It seems that more and more studies are being done and so far, the results are favorable for meditation. I think that as we allow ourselves to relax and let the mind explore itself, we re-connect the pathways that our thoughts travel along. Just remember to let the Boss know that Sanders told you to meditate each hour. That should help if you are caught with your eyes closed!

      Walk in the Path of Peace,


  2. Meditation really helps indeed, but you need to be open for this, I know some people at work who believes this is crap, however, I really believe it because in the work or I’m stressed, listen to this music helps, I will also listen to the music you posted here, I’m sure it will help! Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Emmanuel, Not only do we need to be open to meditation but we have to be willing enough to give it an honest try. I know a lot of skeptics who like to laugh at some of the music I play in the truck or in my workshop, but they always seem to be more relaxed after a while. I am always glad to hear that my suggestions help, remember there are a lot of selections and I encourage you to listen to a variety. To find your own special playlist.
      Walk in the Path of Peace,

  3. I recently started meditating to see if it helps my anxiety and so far it has worked. I love doing the guided meditations on Youtube, but I will check out the app you mentioned! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi. Thanks for the comment about anxiety. There are different types of anxiety and a meditation for each type. I am happy that you found the meditation for you. A little each day helps and can build up over time. Headspace is a very interesting app, a great place to start and it has some nice intermediate type meditations. Best of luck!

  4. I think I’ve done some of these ideas in the past without knowing it’s “meditation”, especially at work. I have a window that overlooks the harbour and I can see the mountains in the distance. Sometimes when things get chaotic, I’ll stop, look outside and just ‘take it all in’ without thinking of anything. I’ll just clear my mind and focus on the beauty outside and around me.

    I think everyone does the 2-minute walking meditation without realizing it. When things get crazy at work, it’s common for people to get up and say they’re just going for a walk around the block. That few minutes really clears their head and allows them to come back into the office focused. I’ve done this, as well as gone to my car and just sat in my car with my eyes closed to just clear my mind. There’s all sorts of places and things you can do, to get that few minutes of calmness throughout the day.

    • Dave,
      A lot of people practice mindful meditation without knowing it. And that is a very important part of it. Being relaxed and confident just improves your overall quality of life. I have always enjoyed just being in the moment, taking in the calm and then moving ahead with life. I did not realize I was meditating until I began looking into different ways to relax and sleep. Once I did learn some of the breathing and other techniques, it felt amazing how more calm and focused I became. I hope that now you can add some Mindful to your meditation!
      Walk in the Path of Peace


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