how to have a good day

How do you find your good day?

The day that things work out just the way you had planned. When all the pieces just seem to fall into place and Life is indeed Good!!!Lights, woman

Chances are that your first conscious thought was positive. You may have had pleasant dreams. Opened your eyes and saw something that jump started good feelings, even before it really made an impression on you. Or, perhaps, you woke to a “normal” morning and made a decision to have the good day.

“Go within every day and find the inner strength, so that the world cannot blow your candle out.” Katherine Dunham

Why are there bad days and why are there good days?

I was watching some YouTube videos of “Thay” Thich Nhat Hanh and one of his question and answers sessions caught my eye and ears. Thay is asked “Why are there bad days and good days?”

My take-aways/ my thoughts

We cannot, and should not, rely just on outside circumstances to determine our day. Too many things are beyond our control to allow ourselves to be pulled one way or another. How we respond to the world should be based on our experiences tempered with the person that we are. Our experiences, our thoughts should take precedence over our reactions.

Knowing how to handle feelings and how to recognize what we are feeling and experiencing. Sometimes painful feelings are a part of our day. They may be caused by others or by ourselves but if we accept and deal with those feelings as they come up, we have a much better chance of letting the go rather than carry them with us throughout the day.

A good or bad day depends on our perspective. If we are focused only on the problems, the struggles and roadblocks, we will have a bad day. If focused on the good, a good day. Being mindful (aware of the moment, our surroundings) allows us to see the good things.

Bad things will happen. Harsh words, delays are a common part of life. Mindful breathing (as simple as 1 breath) can give us the time to consider our response to things. Processing and using the information in a healthy way eases it. Changing a flat tire in the pouring rain usually is not considered a good day. No matter how upset or how calm you are; you are still going to get wet. Accept it, deal with it and move on.

Go within and find strength

Thay recommends a morning or start your day meditation. A short session to get you grounded and in the right frame of mind can make a big difference. I would add to this by accomplishing a small task. Something as simple as making your bed neatly can give your day a great start.

Walking or a light work-out can help with your focus and provide a time for Mindful Breathing and Concentration. Perhaps a walk around the block or a few minutes with your pet outside?

And don’t forget about nourishment, for the body and for your mind. A healthy meal can set the mod for increased producitivy and help curb those cravings for the extra doughnut. A daily motivational quote can give you a focus point to return to in the not so good portions of your day.

How do YOU prepare for a GOOD day? Any tips you would like share, I am interested! Drop a Comment below!

Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

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6 thoughts on “how to have a good day”

  1. Having a bad day is not unusual at all. It is in fact very normal for us to have some days that SD dont feel on it at all. I have had does days. Sometimes I listen to some type of tunes I downloaded from a programme while walking down the road. I prefer a road where there are activities so my mind is all disconnected and when I get home. I take milk and sleep. This is how everything gets connected again. I think some people should try it too.

    • I do so agree about the walk and adding music increases the experience. Being able to just disconnect and allow the tunes and the sights is a wonderful way to reset and become grounded. Thanks for reminding me of a great way to relax!

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

  2. Yoga! Yoga and meditation are what I do for half an hour to get back to my senses when I feel down on a normal day. I do have mood swings some times where i wouldn’t be able to do yoga. I take some breathing exercises and listen to some good music to calm me down and it really works for me. I think more people should give it a try. Nice one here.

    • Hi John, Great suggestion about yoga. I’ve not really been into the positions (to stiff) but I have done my version of the Salutation to the Sun off and on for quite a few years. Strangely enough, I never thought about adding music to the routine. Thanks for the great suggestions!

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

  3. For me, preparing for a good day starts with doing the basics that virtually everyone else would do and that is by engaging in a short exercise routine in the morning after a quick coffee. Then i try to listen to good music while engaging in personal check of myself. After this, then I try to schedule my day while maintaining only positive thoughts. I know it seems very normal but then, normality is very okay to me in as much as I do it all in good faith and it helps to make my day feel much better and okay.

    • Your normal day sounds like a routine that you are comfortable and established in. A lot of Mindful Meditation techniques applied. I think the hardest part is actually getting the basic routine set and then doing slight adjustments as the need arises. Thanks for the great routine that we all can follow!

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders


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