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How To Get Rid Of The Stress In Your Office

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My morning and afternoon commute to and from work used to be my preparation for and my stress reliever from work. Driving to work is my time for me to mentally switch gears from the Family and concentrate on the professional I have to be at work. Coming home, I took advantage of the time to let go of the work day, to put it all away. Driving was my way how to get rid of the stress.

I still commute to and from “the office” but the majority of my work day is now from home. I finally caught up with the computer age. Wireless devices, Internet at home, Zoom and other video conferencing services, the Cloud. All seemed to come together at just the right time for the pandemic to completely revise how little we need an actual office building to work from. And, just my opinion, just how much we need that building.

No magic solutions; in fact, nothing that you have not heard or experienced before. Whether you still go to an office building to work or if you now work from Home (or a combination), these tips on how to get rid of the stress can help. .

Improve the morning routine

Working from Home

I found that NOT hitting the snooze button and using that extra 5 minutes to doing some simple deep breaths and a simple body scan while sitting on the edge of the bed works great. It gives me a chance to wake up completely and to begin my day relaxed and confident that I am still here and all the required body parts still function. Adding a bit of time just for yourself to begin processing the new day can help with getting a good start to your workday. Try avoiding your phone or any other electronics for a bit.

Establish healthy boundaries/Separate Home from Office

Even in an office building, boundaries are a necessary part of life. I’m sure you already have those set but take a moment to reflect on if they could be improved. And if you are working at home, those boundaries are even more important. It is all too easy for Family and friends to expect you to drop everything and give them your attention. Pets present their own unique boundary rules, good luck with getting them to respect yours!

Eat healthy

Having your home fridge and pantry so handy is a temptation for snacking and eating on the go. Be sure your meals are planned and are the healthy foods you need. Plan out your meals in advance. Make sure you go out to eat, not stay at your desk. Keep to your time routine that you had in the office.


Comanche Moon Song performed by Doc Tate Nevaquaya

Doc Tate was a Comanche artist and American Indian flute player, born July 3, 1932, in Apache, Oklahoma. A traditional Flute player, artist, and a founding member of the American Indian Arts Association, the American Indian Cultural Society, the Oklahoma Indian Mission Arts and Crafts Organization, and Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts, Inc. He was also a member of the Oklahoma Indian Art League and the University of Oklahoma Board of Visitors (1994). Source: Oklahoma Historical Society


Feeling Stressed? Relaxation Techniques from Baylor Scott & White Health

Take a Deep Breath

A quick and easy way to get rid of stress is just breathing. A long slow breath in, pause, longer breath out. Empty your lungs completely. Three deep breaths can give you the moment you need to regroup and be ready to move on.

Stare at the Ceiling

Pick a focus point and allow your mind to clear. Combine with a breathing technique and imagine the stress floating away.

Be Comfortable

A home office should have a desk, chair, cabinets… all the things your regular work office has. Unfortunately (like me) you may be using the kitchen table or maybe you are lucky enough to have a small corner set aside. I try to use a chair with an armrest and keep cushions to sit on and to put behind my back.

Walk or light exercise at Lunch

Leave the desk and the phone behind. Get outside and breath the air and allow your eyes to be able to focus past the walls of your home or office. If you can’t get out, try walking inside or do some easy stretching exercises. Movement is a good stress reliever and is good for normal aches and pains associated with the office.


“Breath is the power behind all things…. I breathe in and know that good things will happen.” Tao Porchon-Lynch

Relaxation and Meditation Music Quote


Deepak Chopra on How to Meditate at Your Desk from the Wall Street Journal

Deepak Chopra says we should find time to meditate each day, even if that time has to be at the office. He shows you how to ignore the emails–just for a few minutes–and ease your stress at work.

Keep your Requirements at Work Sorted

A tidy area can do more than just impress your boss. Keeping papers sorted and in their proper place can save time trying to locate them. Your favorite pen? Right where it should be. Post it notes can be lifesavers but when you reach the wallpaper stage (and I have), its too late to remember those cryptic notes.

If possible, prioritize your work, and avoid multitasking as much as possible. Focus on the tasks you can accomplish now and catch the other task when you can devote the time and attention they deserve.

Breaks, Breaks, Breaks!

Put the brakes on and take reasonable breaks. If nothing else, stand up and stretch for a few minutes each hour. Quality breaks can improve your concentration and lead to more productivity and a stress free work experience.


“This is only a paper tiger”

Relaxation and Meditation Music Mantra #4

 My Thoughts

Relaxation and meditation techniques are very useful tools on how to get rid of the stress we all encounter during the work day. Some easy 5 minute relaxation tips can be found here.

I use music to break up the normal “office” sounds, mostly instrumental and more relaxing genres but sometimes the work calls for a more upbeat and fast paced selection. Music can help with adjusting our minds to fit the mood we wish to be in and to make it easier to change our mind-set.

I’m always interested in finding new ways to relax and with no end in sight (at least in the US) to this pandemic, finding ways how to get rid of the stress associated with the office is becoming more and more important. If you would like to share your method, please leave a comment down below.

Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

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