Home Decor ideas for National Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day Home Decor to de-stress and enjoy year around

Recently I was inspired to write about relaxing indoors and what an indoor relaxation area would look like i my home. Actually, my thoughts were about having a room with relaxation as the objective. What would be in it, things like that. First I had to laugh because my ideas of interior decor usually revolve around an easy chair, a large screen TV, a table to sit the remote, books and a beverage on. I guess you could say I have a simple style. With National Relaxation Day approaching, I decided to give it a bit more thought.living room, large screen TV, home decor

Simple is where it suddenly gets complicated. You know, married with children. My wife does the majority of the interior design and she does it very well. I would not change anything in any of our rooms. Our house has 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, an eat in kitchen, 2 baths and a small game room (where we send the teenagers when we really want to kick back and relax). I just don’t have the room to turn any of our rooms into a Relaxation Room. But how many families do?

So setting up a room is out of the question. Re-designing is also out. I like the rooms just the way they are. Where do I go when I wish to just be alone, to relax and think? Yes, the obvious is one of the bathrooms, but that is usually short-lived. I prefer to head out-doors. Lucky for me, we have about 3 and a half acres of property, enough to wander around and check in on the various animals we have. And during bad weather, I always have my shop to play in.

shop decor for relaxation

Ah, my workshop. The one area I can indulge myself. I like to take big pieces of wood, cut them smaller and into various shapes and assemble some …thing. After sanding, prepping, and painting I present it to my wife; she always sounds and acts thrilled but we never seem to display the work I’ve done. It usually gets put into storage; I have never really figured out where that is. That is OK, I’ve some more boards. Over the years the shop has evolved into a kind of catch-all place. I have work benches, tools and sometimes a vehicle I am working on in there. My assorted dogs are welcome and when I can I have a pool table set up. With a dart board and a decent stereo, I am pretty much set-up.

This is getting to be more complicated as I go along. Let’s just go back to simple and start from there. I decided to just focus on adding one item that I think would add to a relaxing atmosphere to almost any room of my, or your, home. My research into home decor led me to Arhaus and I decided to use some of their products as my talking points. But first, let me say that I am not affiliated with Arhaus and I will not receive a commission or any other type of compensation from Arhaus.

These are some of the accent types that I would choose to add to my relaxation room. Keep in mind, I made selections based on my style; simple and easy to move to various rooms. There are a lot more selections available. And now, let’s get started on finding that one element to add.

  • Mesa Tealight Holder and River-Stone Tealight Holder
  • Seated Buddha
  • Driftwood Vase and Driftwood Centerpiece Log
  • Feather Study Print 3 and Seaside View Print

Let’s start with fire!Riverstone Tealight Holder, home decor for relaxingMesa Tealight holder, home decor for relaxing

I don’t (but wish we did) have a fireplace. One of the next best is candles. And what to place them in. We already use incense and essential oil burners at home. Usually we have quite a few tealights and because of the simplicity and natural elements the Mesa Tealight Holder and the River-Stone Tealight Holder caught my eyes and held them, even after looking at the other selections. Insert a tealight and light it, you have a ready-made focus point to meditate on the day’s accomplishments or to allow the dancing flame to relax away the stress of the day.

Relaxing Visuals Seated Budda, home decor for relaxingDriftwood Vase, home decor for relaxingDriftwood Centerpiece, home decor for relaxing

The Seated Buddha almost speaks for itself. A silent reminder that the workday stress and worries can be put aside, allowed to pass. And a great focus point for you while your daughter explains away the big dent that has magically appeared in your truck, or while listening to your son explain his sudden need for a loan of $50 dollars even if he did get paid today.

The Driftwood Vase and the Driftwood Centerpiece Log can be used for all the normal uses. If you practice visulazation, leave them empty and exercise your mind with images of having them filled with your favorite flowers. Or mentally write down the daily stress and tensions, tear them into little pieces and put the scrape into one of them. It will never get full. Even imagine one filled with notes to yourself of all you have to be thankful for. That one is overflowing, maybe even buried under all the blessings. Imagine that!

Feather print, home decor for relaxing


seaside view print, home decor for relaxingWall Hangings


Prints, family pictures, and other wall hangings are throughout our house. No particular rhyme or reason for one to be exactly where style other than the space is available and it suits our taste and the look we are going for in any of our rooms. I like the Feather Study because of the natural characteristics and the Seaside View because of a long and successful career in the Navy. Both could easily join our other wall hangings, in any room.

In Closing…

Today we have taken a brief look at 7 products from Arhaus. These are representative of their Home Decor section and do not cover their entire range, just some ones I noticed and that held my attention. As I mentioned, I am not affiliated with Arhaus in any way. I am affiliated (I would receive a commission if you followed my link and then made a purchase) with Serenity Home Decor. Serenity (if interstted, use the link in my right sidebar) offers a very large selection of products as well. As always, I recommend you to do research, find the quality product ant the best price for the item you want. After all, relaxation is what we are looking for. And don’t overlook yard sales and thrift stores. Amazing how many wonderful items can be found for a fraction of the cost.

There is still enough time to do the research and find your newest relaxation aid before August 15 National Relaxation Day. Did anything catch your eye, or perhaps cause you to think “Yeah but not quite that, I would go with….?” Do you have any particular room or furnishings that you immediately go to after a stressful day?

I would enjoy hearing your comments and thoughts, and questions are also welcomed I will respond as quickly as I can. Just keep in mind how I have decorated my shop!Workshop, home decor for relaxing

Walking the Path of Peace,



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6 thoughts on “Home Decor ideas for National Relaxation Day”

  1. I love the idea of National Relaxation Day. I’ve not heard of that one before. I’m guessing you’re in the United States?

    Your workshop sounds like your happy place, and good for you I say! We all need our own space where we can just be who we want to be. I am yet to set up my own space like that. We don’t have any spare rooms where we live. It’s a dream for the future! Something to look forward to and plan for. And it will be filled with relaxing visuals and beautiful wall hangings 🙂

    All the very best to you.

    • Hi Melissa, Yes, I am here in the United States and yes, my workshop is one of my happy places. Truth is, my home (property, outbuildings, and land) make up a big Happy Place for me. Not many are lucky enough to have a spare room. Space is at a premium it seems. Until the future arrives, I offer a compromise. Start within your own mind. Close your eyes and allow yourself to begin decorating your own perfect Happy Place. Add all the details! Best of luck and remember, the price means nothing!
      Walking the Path of Peace,

  2. This was a really enjoyable read, great job! I actually had no idea that there was a main official relaxation day (I guess I’ve been too busy!) but your ideas sound great. I love how you’ve included pictures of your own environment. Do you think these steps could be taken on most other days too not just this one day?

    • Hi Benji and thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the article. National Relaxation Day seems to be another of the overlooked minor holidays. Just not enough publicity, yet! The idea of this post belongs to Molly, a friend from Arhaus. The living room and my workshop are a couple of my favorite rooms and yes, adding relaxation items can be done every day. The idea is to surround yourself with the items you find relaxing and that help remind you of peace and understanding. or as I like to think of it
      Walking the Path of Peace,

  3. I found this article very personal to me. I have a room all mine, decorated the way I like it for computer work and crafts. Occasionally my husband will join me at the other desk building this or that, but mostly it is mine and music is a must. It keeps me grounded. I like Contemporary Christian, country, Classic Rock and the 80’s era. So a bit of a variety – what ever I’m in the mood for. National relaxation day, why can’t that be everyday? if we do not relax at least a little everyday, we have the result, stress. Not healthy for the body. Who am I to talk? I have ulcers from so much stress but I am finding a great deal of relaxation in computer time because eventually it will pay off. What do you think? Does computer time relax you or make things worse?

    • Hi Rae Ann, You are very lucky to have a room (mostly) for you. I have found crafts to be relaxing and helps to clear my mind so I can focus on whatever the day brings. And with 2 teenagers, the day always has a few surprises for me. Music sometimes seems to be the glue that holds me together. For Christen music, have you ever tried Native American Flute? John Two Hawks has a beautiful version of Amazing Grace. National Relaxation Day everyday? What a wonderful idea! I agree, we all need to slow down and relax daily, or more often if we can. Too much stress can cause health problems, as you mentioned. The computer is both relaxing and a cause for stress. I can completely zone into the screen and then find myself unable to get the results I am going for and get eyestrain, too. My favorite relaxing method is walking, without electronics. 

      Walking the Path of Peace,



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