Free relaxation music and what to do with it

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Just try doing a search for free relaxation music, or for that matter free ___ music, and you will find thousands of suggested sites. You certainly don’t need me to offer suggestions of where to look or how to do so. In fact, I am actually surprised and curious as to how You found Me in all of the suggested sites. But You did and I do hope to catch your attention and get you to hang out and enjoy the ride. I will try to make it interesting for You.

If the music is free, then why hang here? Best of all possible answers is because you are really searching for the ways to relax and just enjoy a few minutes away from the normal. I think of myself as a person who looks for the answers inside the box, rather than outside. During my life, and in all of my careers, I was told, “Think outside the Box.” OK, but I found that sometimes you have to look inside that box because the simple fix is sometimes there.

Today the Box I am talking about is Me, is You, and is every single person out there in the world we share. And it is a big, distracting world. Family, friends, the Job, relationships, bills, responsibilities… On and on, but You already know this. So, we search for ways to relax, to find something to take us away, even if for only a few precious moments.

My escape routes are many and varied

I have dabbled in meditation and followed guided hypnosis, tried acupuncture, alcohol, and all the other various routes suggested by others (outside the box) and found that none of it really worked for me. Yes, some of the things I found to be most helpful, but others just led me down the rabbit hole and only increased the stress I found myself mired in.

I began to find myself when I discovered Native American Flute music. I would love to suggest you will too, but yourindian-musician-with-flute, free relaxation music choice of music is really up to you. The flute music, for me, sent me back to simple days and allowed me to escape for a while from my daily life. That can be difficult aboard a US Navy ship at sea.

Totally losing myself in a book helps me escape this world and just be. I don’t have to think, I don’t have to visualize; not for a good author. He/She does all that for me. Add some good music that goes with the book and away I go.

A good movie, a television show; remember those from before the internet with things like YouTube and Netflix? If it can take me away from the inner-voice, I am all in. Sometimes escaping from ourselves is what we need.

Solutions become the problem

Maybe, like me, you have simply become so accustomed to the same practices of relaxation that you are seeking the Next Big Thing. I have found that sometimes, the old thing left behind can once again be a refreshing break. Maybe you can try one of the old methods that you no longer use.

Because of this blog, I sometimes get a little jaded of having relaxation and meditation on my mind and taking up my thoughts. Getting away from it is not as simple as it would seem. But, finding enjoyment in other areas can be very satisfying. Instead of trying to relax, I head for a walk, head for a concert or a sporting event. I tease the kids, play with the animals I seem to have too many of. Maybe (and a great past-time) is just sitting at the kitchen table talking with my beautiful wife.

I am lucky to have a workshop where I can cut big pieces of wood into smaller ones. I can spend hours working on a project and feel good about what I am doing. And when my woodworking skills leads to frustration, I know I have to stop and breath and get back on track.

If the normal relaxing methods you are using are not as satisfying, I know how you feel. Maybe a change-up is what you need. I know it works for me.

A play-list for all occasions

With the wealth of free music available, I can make my own personal play-list for just about any situation I find myself in. Driving to/from work for me is about twenty minutes because I drive slow. I have a play-list.

During work, again my own play-list (I have about four separate ones). If I plan on working out in the shop, driving to school because my kid got himself in trouble…well you get the idea.

play-forwad-backward-stop, free relaxation musicAnd the term free music is really kind of misleading. Even if you know what you want, you still have to download. If you are building from scratch, you have to find, listen, download, organize, personalize and save to the MP3 player or to your computer. Free maybe concerning money but not really free from our time.

These play-lists can be given titles to help us go directly to what we are searching for and describe exactly what we want to accomplish. But remember, sometime the solution becomes the problem, so make several versions of each play-list and cycle thru them. Besides, with free music, the creating of a new play-list of songs is really quite simple.

Music sampler

Sometimes, I just want to sample and check out music. Maybe someone suggested a particular song or artist and I go to have a free trial. No need to buy, and if I don’t like it, no harm done. And if I do like it there are usually plenty of other songs to go along with it. Even other artists/tracks that are available that I may or may not like enough to download.

When the internet, just having the option to go to a free music site and to just randomly select songs can be a lot of fun and can lead to a sudden impulse to make a play-list of “off the wall” music. Try mixing a wide variety of different styles together for your own mix of “anything and everything”, or as I like to think of it “friend shocker”.

The choices and the combinations are endless. And that is the point. Need a change? You got it.

In Closing

Free music isn’t free. It requires your time to do all the mundane work and then, it takes your time to be listened to. But it does often take us away and provides us with the means to escape and to relax. Music can help you soar and can center you and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Kinda sounds like I am pushing music on you. I’m not. Sure.

Remember, I said I like to look inside the box for the solution. All the self-help, all the teachers, all the gurus can only point the way. You have to look inside of you and determine what works best. For me, I’ll take the tips, I’ll adopt and adapt the methods that work for me. I am willing to check things out but if it does not fit me, I will move on. I will not drink the Kool-Aid. Today my life’s code is a huge mix and match of different styles, practices and habits. The one thing that ties it altogether is free music.

Please remember that You are most welcome to bookmark and come back anytime. Till then, leave a comment, ask a question, or make a suggestion. I will get back to you.

Walking the Path of Peace,


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6 thoughts on “Free relaxation music and what to do with it”

  1. Music definitely makes a huge difference in our lives and feelings. These days i find myself listening to flamenco guitar and middle eastern music for relaxation purposes. I’ll leave the enrique igelias for the dance floor 🙂 thanks for sharing.

    • And thank you for visiting us. I have been thinking about Spanish Guitar for relaxing also, but had not considered the music from the Middle East. Thank you for your mention of it and I will make some time, to treat myself to something new.
      All the best,

  2. Thank you for the nice read! You have piqued my interest in native American flute music, I will definitely go check it out. My interest areas in music are the healing frequencies and new age (Enya kind of music). Can’t live without music.

    • Joo,
      Thank you! Glad I could me the one to get you started into the Flute Music. For solo flute I can recommend R. Carlos Nakai and his Canyon Trilogy. Lots of great stuff out there. My wife is a big Enya fan also, just don’t mention that it is New Age to her. Stop by again, always great to hear from you.

  3. In the world we live in we need to have a way to relax and distress. Music isn’t the only way to do this, but it’s an effective one. I think you are right that everyone needs to look inside to find what makes them relax the most.

    • Steve,
      If we can’t find the answer inside ourselves, we will never be at Peace with ourselves. I firmly agree that music is not the answer and is not the only way to be able to reach a place where thoughts are clear and focused. Each person is different and should have a way to take us away from the stress. I like your point of “need a way to relax and distress”. Both are essential for us to grow and become the person we wish to be. The key, I think, is in being able to balance and be happy. Thanks for your input and be on the look-out for a future article on the value of distress in our lives.


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