August 15 National Relaxation Day and Ideas for You!

August 15 National Relaxation Day Are you prepared to relax?

Is your calendar marked? Do you have your plans made and your preparations complete? Surely you are ready for the big day or has the lack of attention by the “major media” types allowed a possible disconnect from reality to set in? No worries, there is no negative news here, just talk of August 15 National Relaxation Day.

Major media seems to focus on bad news, dividing news and whenever possible giving news slanted toward one point of view or another. Notice that the people who are news crew covering national relaxation day supposed to be providing the news seem to be more interested in being the news? Our celebrities seem to think that their opinion is much more valuable than their skills to entertain us. So let’s let the “news”, the celebrities and all the stress associated with it go, for at least some of the day with these National Relaxation Day ideas.

August 15th is in the middle of the week; sadly most of us will not be able to devote the entire day for relaxation. We all can give ourselves mini-celebrations throughout the day. Just put aside all distractions and take a few moments to give to yourself. Or to share with others a moment of peace.

Enjoy the Sunrise…or Sunset

Check your local weather app and find the times for sunrise and sunset on August 15th. Which will fit your day best? I work nights, sunrise works best but on the 15th I will watch the sunset because it gives me the most pleasure.

Leave the phone inside and get out and get comfortable and be prepared to watch one of the world’s greatest shows, Listen as Nature settles in for a new day or night. Does it smell differently with the Sun shining or hid from view? Did you feel a subtle shift in the air temperature? If conditions are perfect, at the last instant of light, you may sunrise to enjoy on national relaxation dayobserve a green flash! It can also occur at Sunrise but is so very rare.

Bad weather? No big deal. Clouds, rain, cold happens. Try visualizing the most spectacular sunrise/sunset ever. Perfect conditions, someone special taking it all in beside you…Don’t forget to include the Green Flash!

The first cup of Coffee

It doesn’t have to be coffee, it could be Tea or Hot Cocoa. Take a few moments to just breathe in the aroma. To enjoy the feel of the mug as it slowly heats up in your hands. Notice the swirls of color as the creamer mixes, or the cascade of bubbles as the sugar dissolves into that first, so hot, taste. Let it take over your life as you ENJOY the moments.

I like my coffee fresh, hot, black, and sweet. It has to be in a ceramic mug, with the handle turned towards the left. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.

The morning commute

Instead of just driving to work, try DRIVING to work. Not being reckless, not speeding; just actually driving. Start by sitting for a moment, then crank up the old girl (or boy) and sort out all the familiar sounds. If possible, turn off the air conditioner and roll the windows down. Remember not caring if the wind messed up your hair?traffic jam highway,an unexpscted place to relax place to relax

Wave and smile at the people you pass. Watch their reactions. Be courteous, allow someone to pass or turn in front of you with a smile and a wave. Take an unknown turn, see something different.

Those stressful moments at work

We all have them, sometimes if we really take a moment we can understand that this is just a normal daily occurrence. Sometimes we may need to just settle into ourselves and get back on track. Take four slow deep breaths in and out. Say “I got this” on each in breathe and “I am relaxed” on the out breathe.

Sometimes, just taking a quick mental break can help. Pause for 15 seconds and think of something nice, like how the steak on the grill sure will be good tonight. Or about how much better you feel now that you are a Vegan.

Show a little kindness

Do a small act of Pay It Forward. Volunteer at a shelter, for humans or animals for an hour. Give the gift of yourself, your time, your attention. Smile and say hello to the people passing thru your life that all too often are taken for granted. Pass over all the negative statements on your favorite social media and instead focus on the positive. Pass those along.

Take a walk

Invite your family for a walk around the block session. No electronic devices (that should cover almost all distractions) and no talking. Just a slow walk and being together. When you get back, have everyone sit on the porch while you get bowls of ice cream. As you enjoy the ice cream, talk about the different sights and sounds you have heard. Include school, work or the day at the park. Enjoy a bit of old-fashioned family time. Then, after the kids have scattered back to the phones or gameboxs, enjoy the moments of newfound silence.

The perfect pace to end National Relaxation Day!Bed time

Light incense or use essential oils. Put on some relaxing, soft music. Change into sleeping clothes (those are optional, you know) and take a few stretches and deep breaths. Settle into bed, your most comfortable position and do some remembering. Visualize your great day, dismiss the negatives; think of how good a day tomorrow will be. See all you have accomplished!

In Closing…

I really haven’t touched on meditation and music, both are some great ways to enter and extend relaxation. As I have said before, you can relax without meditating but you have to relax to meditate. All of my tips are a part of Mindfulness meditation; you know, living and being in the present. Even if you don’t meditate, I know you already do some of these and more. I did for years before I heard of Mindfulness.

August 15th, National Relaxation Day. Mark it on your calendars, leave a reminder for yourself and help spread the word thru your social media! I hope that my thoughts and ideas can help bring your awareness and thoughts to how you can make this day into your day.

Isn’t it time you got prepared for THE DAY? Start trying some of my ideas out now. Get a good preparation and plan in place and remember to add your own National Relaxation Day ideas.

Were you aware of this Day? What are your plans and ideas? Are you one of those who plan each moment of every day or do you just take it as it comes? Your thoughts, comments, and/or questions are important to me. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

Walking the Path of Peace,


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6 thoughts on “August 15 National Relaxation Day and Ideas for You!”

  1. Hello Sanders, This is an amazing article. The way the world is these days sometimes we forget to relax at times. Everything is always go go go, and there seems to be less time in a day then there are things for us to do but it is always good to take a break every now and then to let our minds relax.

    • So right Tony, this world of ours places a huge demand on our time and creates stress. I tend to take as many mini-breaks at work as I can, it keeps me more engaged in the job and allows me to burn off the stress as it happens. And thank you for the nice compliment about the article.
      Walking the Path of Peace,

  2. I really appreciate this, it sounds as a reminder to me and many others. We need to time to relax outside our holidays, because it is neccessary. I appreciate the writer for this timing article.

  3. Great writing style here Sanders, just reading this is relaxing. Never knew there was a national relaxing day. I’m one of those that lives each day as it comes, what about you?

    • Hi Marvin, Thanks for the kind words. And I am glad to add a day onto your calendar (LOL). I like to think and plan for the future, but I try to allow the day to be. I guess a better way would be to say I live each day as it is, but with an eye toward the future.
      Walking the Path of Peace,


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