soft jazz music

Soft Jazz Music musicians

Soft Jazz music: Smooth, deep, and rich I became aware of Smooth jazz way back in the late 1970’s. Spyra Gyra was a fovorite band of a friend and after listening to just one of the songs I became a fan. Before that, whenever I thought of jazz it was the music of Louis Armstrong … Read more

My suggestions for easy listening instrumental music

Angel playing instrumental music on guitar

Easy listening instrumental music online and waiting! With so much easy listening instrumental music online, where do you start to find the BEST? Perhaps you remember music you heard in the past and are lucky enough to remember the title and the artist/band but sometimes just a fragment remains. Maybe friends have a suggestion or … Read more

Relaxing Music On YouTube Native American Flute Music

YouTube search playlist Native American flute screenshot

Relaxing Music On YouTube Native American Flute Music YouTube is becoming a leading source for information and music in the world. Begin typing in relaxing music and suggestions appear and from there you can be days, weeks exploring. On YouTube, Native American flute music is becoming increasingly popular and visible. Selections range from early recordings … Read more