​Amazing Grace hymn featuring Native American Flute, Trumpet and Bagpipes

Sun and Trees Amazing Grace hymn featuring Native American Flute, Trumpet and Bagpipes

Today, I learned how to embed YouTube videos inside my Post. Now, that may not be a big deal for you guys but for me it is a great leap forward. And I hope it makes today’s blog a lot better  for you. For your consideration, I offer three versions of the classic Amazing Grace hymn.  … Read more

Free Native American music or make your own

Free Native American music

  Today I have been kicking around different ideas and thought are always passing thru, sometimes so rapidly that I begin to wonder “Will I get this mess in my mind sorted out?” So, I decided to take a bit of time off, my me time and just let it flow. One of my favorite … Read more

Daily mindfulness exercises like my Grandpa did

daily meditation exercises, taught in my Grandpa’s own way

As a kid growing up in North Alabama, I would spend part of each summer staying at my grandparents home. Loved it there because Grandpa owned a grocery store/gas station and all of us cousins descended on the place each summer. We played, fought and lived. Along the way, Granny and Grandpa taught us the … Read more

Mind relaxing music is all around us

Horses and Mind relaxing music

  Take a search on Google. Thousands of recommendations and sites, not only to purchase but FREE music! Look at your own personal collection. Do you have just one type of music, or many? I have a huge assortment of music, a little of everything and anything. From classical to punk pock to classic rock … Read more

Binaural Beats Music for Sleep and so much more

A very interesting type of music is the Binaural Beats. Scientifically based and in principal a sound theory. But for every pro discussion, I found a con discussion. Some insist it works, others call it a bunch of malarkey. I found Binaural Beats for sleep to be a mixture of both. So, I say, give … Read more